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hey i'm not feel better.don't know why..maybe pressure kot duk jaoh2.cik aini nabila tension sgt.rse mcm &*%$###@....tapelaaaa.lame2 ok la kot.
Quotes:why do we close our eyes when we pray, when we cry, when we kiss, when we dream. Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt only by heart.
...i really love you with my wholeheart as the love between two people who have been given by Allah S.W.T.
nothing can change my love for you except "unfaithful". hahaha.. I feel more and more bored. WHY?? sbb tataw je rse mcm tuhh..mgkin dy tak..i've ask him, " knpe b da laen ek skrang?"..he said,"mne de.b rse sme jee,cyg je rse cmtuh." dgah org bodo kan.hah ! tape..da byse.lastly he said,"sba jela syg..mcej je ponn.kte law jupe ok an,nty da kawen bkn mcet pon." la pling aq nk gelak.tgah2 sdeh2....smpat ketawe.hahaha.sure je kawen nan i.=) tapi komfem laaa I nak kan.rugi tolak taw..hahahaha.tapelaa syg. kalo ade jdoh untuk kite berdua..adela tuh.doa jee. Allah S.W.T Maha Agung...doa je bnyak2..Dia pasti dgar.insyaAllah..~amin~

#that's all from me dear readers,,thanks for reading guyss.<3

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