Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | 2:23 PM | 0 comments
today..i have my own life story...
td aq mcet olel..
tataw la ape jdik ngan otak aq arini..
mcm2 aq tye dye...hahaha..nk taw ape????


nabila : do you love me ?
olel : yes my drling....
nabila : whether you wanna to live with me ?
olel : sure..i wanna live with u..
nabila : can i be your princess??
olel : sure my honey.
nabila : are you always thinking of me?
olel : all the time...
nabila : the first thing you would do if you see me?
olel : hug u...!!
nabila : really dear?
olel : sure !
nabila : b, what percentage do u love me ?
olel : just 70%....
nabila : why 70%???
olel : coz d other 30% is for my family and frenz....
nabila : hahaha..gud one. give me a gud conclusion of your <3 to me =)
olel : emm.,,,iloveyouveryverymuch n want 2 love you to till d end of my life...

hahaha..ade keje an...sory syg....

p/s : b,fyi....iloveyouvery2muchtoo....u r my life...u r my everything..

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